We are the finest tree service providers available online and offer a full range of services for tree and property maintenance in Seattle, Everett, Tacoma and the Eastside (Washington) areas. Arbor-Masters is available for hire to handle any sized job.  We are licensed, bonded and insured for commercial and residential work at extremely affordable prices.  Our goal is your complete satisfaction with our work and the end result of a comfortable living or office space. Seattle tree trimmers should present expert, professional teams of arborists that offer you the finest tree service Lynwood, tree service Woodinville, tree service Kirkland, tree service Bellevue, tree service Everett.

Technical tree removal requires an experienced team of arborists to prepare and carry out a plan that will result in no injury, property damage and no damage to the tree’s surroundings.  We have removed tree’s of all sizes by hand, saw, chainsaw and crane!  Use our teams of experts to make sure yout tree removal project goes smoothly and problem free.

Like everything else, our tree’s are sometimes the last thing we think about when running errands, getting to work, watching the kids soccer game or spending a night relaxing. It often happens that we avoid dealing with problems in our yards like dangerous limbs, tree stumps, and dead trees. As the summer approaches, the thought of tree pruning comes to mind. We all know what damage the winter storms can cause.  Its time to take preventative action to insure your most valuable investment (your home) is protected. Hiring an effective and affordable tree service is essential in keeping your home safe and secure. Spring and summer are great times to hire Arbor-Masters for tree service Lynwood, tree service Woodinville, tree service Kirkland, tree service Bellevue, and tree service Everett. You can also hire our emergency tree services online or by phone.  We have handled all types of storms damage and debris.

Before making a selection of a tree removal and tree service company; please consider the following factors to be sure of getting the finest service company:


With 13 years of industry experience; Arbor Masters LLC has a proven track record of handling most any size job on time and on budget.  We will happily provide references upon request so that you can hear it striaght from our customers.  Be careful of hiring new startup tree service companies.  The crew must have the experience and professionalism to handle any type of problem that might arise.  These jobs are sometimes difficult and dangerous.  Put our experience to work for you!

Licensed, Insured & Bonded:

Licensed, Bonded and Insured means that you can rest easy knowing that our company has the manpower and financial resources to protect your home. On the rare occasion that there is property damage of any type or if someone does get hurt.  You are protected.


One final consideration in your selection process should be the references that your tree service provider can deliver. Referrals are the strongest and most practical source through which you can get an adequate impression of a companies quality of tree services work. We invite you to go through our references to hear first hand about the quality, value and customer service that we provide again and again.

Please use the menu to the left to view our many services or click the “Get a Quote” button below.  We wil be happy to discuss your project needs at your convenience. Arbot-masters offers a full line of tree service maintenace products; including, tree removal, Tree pruning (for raising the canopy), stump removal, stump grinding, storm debris clean up and storm debris removal.  Let us make this daunting job a piece of cake!